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Ada Lee and Pete Correll

Lovette and Michael Russell



honorary chairs 

Sherry and David Abney

Juanita and Gregory Baranco

Jennifer and Tom Bell

Roz and John Brewer

Mary and John Brock

Celest and James Dallas

Barbarella and Rene Diaz

Patrice and Ernest Greer

Richard Hays

Stefanie and Sam Johnson

Jan and Eddie Meyers

Ashley and Bill Rogers

Kelly Loeffler and Jeff Sprecher

Cammie Ives and Dave Stockert

Carol and Ramon Tomé


host committee

Phyllis Kozarsky and Eliot Arnovitz

Vicki and Gerry Benjamin

Mara and Justin Berman

Liz and Frank Blake

Renay and Ned Blumenthal

Derek Bottoms

Heather and David Edmiston

Stacy and Manny Fialkow

Kathy Waller and Kenny Goggins

Kim and Henry Grady

Caroline and Jack Hardin

Cara and David Hartnett

Bryan Brooks and John Haupert

Steve Hennessy

Lila and Doug Hertz

Lem and Carolyn Hewes

Janin and Tad Hutcheson

Sherri and Steve Labovitz

Jonathan Lewin

Paulette and Greg Roberts

Dara and David Smith

Ginger and Louis Sullivan

Nancy Parks and Sam Williams

Helen and David Zalik