Meet Our Patients

Baby Julian

Julian was transferred to Grady by the Angel II Neonatal Transport ambulance shortly after being born without a heartbeat. The hospital where Julian was born was not equipped to handle the treatment that he needed. Grady was the only place equipped to handle the complications. Baby Julian received cooling therapy which slows down the process of body functions and prevents brain damage.

Julian’s situation was very serious, his organs weren’t functioning properly. Grady gave us hope. They saved our son. And we’re forever in debt. Julian wasn’t born at Grady, but he definitely is a Grady baby.” – Julia and James


Christopher was on his way home from an engagement party when someone slammed their car into his car. The car spun and flipped several times, ending up on the other side of a guard rail on the exit ramp. Christopher woke up 7 weeks later at Grady and with a long road to recovery. He had to learn how to walk and to eat. Christopher was an opera singer, and he had to learn how to sing again.

Throughout the intense 2 months in the hospital, I am told that for a long period, my life was hanging by a thread. I, I most certainly, could not have lived without Grady” – Christopher


After not receiving the proper care at other hospitals, Russell came to Grady. Russell had a severe case of pneumonia and other severe complications. Grady doctors and nurses were able to diagnose Russell quickly and provide treatment, even when difficulties arose due to Russell’s allergies.

I’d never been to Grady before. Grady just swooped me up into their arms and took me in. Grady has doctors who care and it shows in their actions. The doctors weren’t expecting me to make it. But with their help and my mom…here I am today. I wouldn’t be here without them.” – Russell