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Lauren Skinner, RN, Grady Memorial Hospital

(May 3, 2020) Lauren Skinner never wanted to be a nurse. "I always knew I was going to do something in the sciences,” said the 12-year nursing veteran who currently works in the burn unit and surgical trauma ICU at Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital.

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Opinion: Grady Hospital’s COVID-19 plea — stay the course!

(April 18, 2020) In the next few weeks, Georgia is expected to face the peak of this round of COVID-19 infections. It will tax the capacity of our hospitals, test the patience of a public weary of sheltering at home and challenge the stamina of medical professionals who have already worked to the point of exhaustion. But we will get through it.

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Marcus Foundation gives $2.1M to Grady Healthcare System to prepare for surge of COVID-19 patients

(April 13, 2020) The Marcus Foundation, the philanthropic organization of Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, has made a $2.1 million grant to the Grady Healthcare System in order to fast-track Grady’s surge capacity plan. The money will help to stand up patient beds, which are currently down by 220 due to the flooding experienced by the hospital in late 2019.

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The Marcus Foundation $2.1 Million grant boosts COVID-19 response at Grady Health System

(April 9, 2020) The Marcus Foundation has made a $2.1 million grant to Grady Health System. This grant will be used to fast-track Grady’s surge capacity plan, specifically to stand up much needed patient beds as 220 beds remain off-line as a result of the flooding event experienced by the hospital late last year. The foundation’s grant supports the creation of up to 52 additional patient beds in preparation for a potential surge in COVID-19 admissions.

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Bank of America awards Grady $500,000 to expand COVID-19 testing and capacity

(April 7, 2020) Bank of America awarded Grady Health System $500,000 to expand treatment and testing capacity critically needed to support growing patient numbers amid the coronavirus pandemic. The grant will support Grady’s efforts to increase capacity for acute patient care, and to expand in-house testing resources to perform as many as 350 coronavirus tests per day.

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