Grady is an essential Atlanta institution that has grown with our community. We now handle more patient visits than any other hospital in the city and offer best-in-class care not found elsewhere.

Grady stands on a solid foundation built from strong leadership, fiscal discipline, fidelity to our mission and remarkable community support. Our growth has been very intentional to achieve an equitable and sustainable balance of services that meet urgent community needs. We have created Centers of Excellence that leverage medical expertise, provide specialized and innovative care, and reinforce our role as Georgia’s top teaching hospital.

We are stronger than ever, but our success has led to an urgent issue: Grady is at full capacity, driving the need for more operating rooms, inpatient beds and treatment space to serve those who turn to us for care. Our next steps will allow us to respond as our city grows and the needs of our community and patients evolve.


To ensure that we can continue to meet community demand, Grady has prioritized two critical projects totaling $164.7 million that will shape our future and the health of the community we serve.

The Center for Advanced Surgical Services ($141.7 million)
  • Grady has a growing number of acute and ambulatory surgeries, straining the capacity of our hospital and operating rooms
  • The new Center will increase volume and efficiency for essential surgical services that have a tremendous impact on patient care, while freeing up space in the hospital for needed inpatient beds
  • Leverages medical expertise so that we can expand high-demand areas such as orthopedics, digestive diseases, cancer, eye and ear care
  • Allows Grady to meet intensifying demand for acute and outpatient surgeries, while improving access to care that keeps people healthy
The Expansion of the Ponce Center for HIV/AIDS ($23 million)
  • Atlanta is at the epicenter of the Southern AIDS epidemic — and Grady is on the frontlines of the crisis
  • Our Ponce Center for the treatment of HIV/AIDS is one of the most comprehensive and impactful in the country
  • The expansion and renovation of the Ponce Center will allow us to serve more patients, develop new programs, and conduct more leading-edge research at a time of urgent need
  • Grady will amplify and expand our reach so that our community can more forcefully respond to and stem Atlanta’s HIV/AIDS crisis
Grady has made great progress, but we must continue to grow or risk losing ground at a time when community demand is increasingly urgent. These two projects will drive our next decade of service to Atlanta, improving access for specialized care and outpatient services that are vital to our patients, while amplifying our ability to address the HIV/AIDS crisis in Atlanta.

In a remarkable sign of partnership, Grady has secured 50% of project costs from Fulton and DeKalb Counties. Community support will leverage county funding, creating a true public/private partnership.

Help Grady expand to meet the needs of the community!