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Meet Dr. Leon Haley, Jr., a Grady Memorial History Maker


Grady Health Foundation

ATLANTA, Ga. – “You never know what’s going to happen,” said Dr. Leon Haley, Jr. “But we operate under the assumption that something will happen.”

Dr. Haley is the Deputy Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief of Emergency Medicine at Grady Hospital.

“We train as if every day could be the next event,” he said.
He helps lead the team of a powerful staff – operating one of the largest emergency departments in the country.

It’s a busy place that treats more than 100,000 patients per year.

Not to mention, Grady is home to the region’s only level one trauma center and one of only 2 burn centers in the state.

“Every disaster is not a 9-11. There are a lot smaller ones. We’ve had a bus accident since I’ve been here. we’ve had a shooting since I’ve been here,” said Dr. Haley.

It is evident Dr. Haley has proven himself time and again that he is not only fit to lead; he is also a history maker in the making.

“It’s a tremendous degree of responsibility,” he said. “So, I’m trying to be a good example for this emergency department.”

The published author and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Emory University has a resume chock full of accomplishments and sprinkled with awards and recognition for his work and service to the community.

“It’s very important for me to give back,” Dr. Haley said.

Yet, it is his natural charisma, wit of course and personality that continues to humbly set him apart from his peers.

“I always want to remain humble,” he said.

“Those who get chosen for leadership. It’s a great burden that comes along with it,” Dr. Haley said. “But I accept it and I try to make a difference.”

So, what does a graduate of Brown University, University of Pittsburgh and the University of Michigan, the husband and father of three, credit for his success?

“You know I have great faith in the lord,” he said. “I had great parents – still do. And, I have great family.”

We are proud to honor and recognize Dr. Leon Haley Jr. for his accomplishments.

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